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Economical Driving Tips

At Saplings we promote driving that is economically beneficial for both you and the planet.

Please read our green tips below to maximise efficiency when driving:

  1. Avoid short car journeys and car share where possible
    Consider if you can avoid a short car journey. Use public transport if this is an option, and if there is more than one of you travelling to the same destination, consider car sharing. There are many car sharing services available to cover this.
  2. Check your tyre pressures regularly
    Checking air pressure is important as under-inflated tyres are dangerous when on the road.
  3. Drive at a constant speed as much as possible and break smoothly
    Driving smoothly, accelerating gently, and reading the road ahead can all contribute to reducing fuel consumption as well as a gentle ride!
  4. Change Up Earlier
    Most new cars are fitted with a gear shift indicator to encourage the use of the most efficient gear. Try and change up when the engine is at 2,000 rpm (Diesel) or 2,500 rpm (petrol).
  5. Stop idling when your car is stopped
    If you anticipate being stuck in a queue of traffic for more than a minute or so, then cutting the engine will reduce emissions released into the atmosphere.
  6. Watching your speed
    Eco-driving on longer journeys is all about speed. Keeping your speed low, but within the speed limit positively impacts your fuel usage.
  7. Use air conditioning moderately
    Opening the windows in your car allows for a steady stream of fresh air to circulate the vehicle. We suggest using air conditioning when travelling at high speeds.
  8. Weight in vehicle
    Keeping your vehicle light when driving reduces the strain on fuel consumption.